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Any story you wanted except I am not including CPxOC pairing, MLP, or something else...

No Official Character from any game or anime or cartoon paired up either with an OC...

I could do fiction or fanfiction, but choose your poison wisely because I have the right to refuse if I find the story don't make sense. Just send me a summary on and switch character including.




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Switch commissin should I do?
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My MajoShojo's HeadCanon

Tue Jun 10, 2014, 8:45 PM
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  • SkullGirls 
  • Arcana Hearts 
  • Persona 
  • Magical Girls Series (Magica Modaka, Sailor Moon, Tokyo Mew Mew, and etc.)
  • Street Fighters
  • Guilty Gears
  • Blazblue
  • Bayonetta
  • Final Fantasy

If it was a game: 
Main Game Genre: Fighting/Visual Novel JRPG
Sub Game Genre: Open-World and Turned Base
Minor: Lvl-up System and Beat-Them-up

Main Fiction Genre: 
  • Parody
  • Dark Fantasy
  • Tragedy
  • Mystery
  • Horror-Adventure
  • Angst
  • Surreal
  • Drama
I thought about doing a MajoShojo's series except I staying clear from the tradition, but I wanted to include the Surrealism into it. Unlike the other Magical Girls, they will be different types, but it carried the moral value 'there will be skeletons in the closet' when not all the heroines aren't innocent through a person's eyes. It brought the curious on the value to where they get the powers from.

This one takes it to a new concept when I wanted to included the Surrealism for a good reason. There are rules that needed to go by when they cannot learn a powerful attack in one day, but they needed to learn about their abilities within their spare time.

It isn't going to an easy on when the Magical Girl gain these powers, but it doesn't mean that they can go into battle on the first day. They will die without question and there is no season chance as the Mascot absorbed their soul under the contract.

The Magic doesn't take anything for granted because it backfired on the Magical Girl. It is still considered 'Dark Art' no matter how cute it is, but none say that Magic doesn't mean it would be easy. It takes effort to master, but time. It isn't a shift of luck, but it shows a consequence if they took advantage of it. Sometimes, it will backfire, but it takes a lot of focus and concentration to master it and it will give a person's fatigue leaving them tired. The magic takes a long time to restore for about three weeks or a year if they used all of it.

The enemies don't wait on them, but they don't have a soul to care. They needed to be smart when they don't need a trace behind that will endanger other closed to them including the friends and families. The enemies are very sharp, but I haven't given them a name yet. They could track down the trace from the Magical Girl, even though the person's eyes.

The Magical Girls aren't an apple eye to the public since they are considered to a target to witch hunters or anyone. They cannot avoid if they made a foolish mistake, but one mistake will cost them their identities to expose. It doesn't mean that the Magical Girl could learn to erase the memories for the first either, but it takes time to strengthen up their magic too. It's the Mascot's responsibility to do such thing, but had the right not to give the Magical Girl if she isn't obedient or took advantage of opportunities for selfish needs.

Note: I haven't got into the touchy subject, but it's not the battle of the sexists or anything. I haven't included the boys yet, but maybe I will get to this later on.

How do they gain it?

Well, if the Mascot's job is to observe the girl if they are suitable to become one, but it doesn't happen overnight when they gained their power? They started off as Non-Magic User's rank or Rank 0 in other words, but they don't refer to anyone as "Magical Girl" or in reality "witches" yet.

They can't save the day in one day since if they go into battle without knowing the <gs id="23ee8acc-3924-4a93-aa73-2e1558375643" ginger_software_uiphraseguid="838a2c8a-85fa-4484-a789-00a7b47bec47" class="GINGER_SOFTWARE_mark">basic</gs> of their magic or power. Then it's game over for them if they are reckless, but it doesn't mean that they will happy with the power that they get.

Non-Magic User <gs id="e7043c54-b441-48b4-ad60-2890bec55ff8" ginger_software_uiphraseguid="b6c897d3-556a-4f1b-89f1-bfa20fdaf697" class="GINGER_SOFTWARE_mark">aren't going</gs> to obtain powerful attacks very easily, but some will accept the weapons to master before they learned magic. It's not very easy in this Headcanon if they don't take seriously. Some will not tolerate complains very easily since the magic will take off a lot of stamina and focus from them. 

For example: Sailor Moon used an Overpower attack in one day from the first manga and the episode of Sailor Moon. This will take a lot of energy and stamina to cause this attack on an enemy.

If they tried to pull off the Overpower attack, then they will pass out without a doubt. They will not last longer if there's any chance <gs id="65502fcc-087b-4734-bc01-0d162f1a8cf9" ginger_software_uiphraseguid="e44607d0-b1b8-4954-87ae-73cc9906f60f" class="GINGER_SOFTWARE_mark">on</gs> missing or triggered a "Bull eye" within this attack. It will chance that it will not affect the enemy stronger than them. It will be a "Fatality" before they are able to escaped.

It doesn't come by randomly when some Mascots are sent to test them out to see if they are suitable. If they aren't suitable, they moved into the next victim. They don't sneak into a person's house and says, "That you are a chosen hero."

Besides, the power comes in a form of a "Gem" before they are able to get it or start off as Non-Magic User. They will have to sign a contract, but sometimes contract comes in different form. Any type of Magical Girls will have to gain their rank by 0 except for Ritualized Ones and a rare case...

Since the Ritualize Ones forced to learn their powers based on their fear by controlling it or the power will consume them.

There's a rare case when there will be some people with trace of magic from their ancestors' bloodline. Some will not acknowledge it since there's no record within the human world. Some may possibly tie to the survivors of the "witch hunt", but none was confirmed. 

There will be another way to gain the rank if it's a dishonorable or honor way. Since there's no good or evil involved in this world, but nobody is stopping anyone from gaining the higher rank.

Even though, a witness/victim could gain a rank if they are able to "beat" a Magical Girl in a <gs id="e0fffef6-c5e8-48c1-b29a-50a87df65c16" ginger_software_uiphraseguid="6110853f-f888-4064-b97d-2193c5a55ae9" class="GINGER_SOFTWARE_mark">due</gs>. It's a rare case if a witness and victim forced to agree to avoid endangering others or they will force to die and nobody can find their corpse. 

Some will be manipulated others to claim that the victim is a witness than a victim.

What's the different between the Victim or a Witness or Survivor?

A victim is someone fell into an enemy's trap or a bad situation that they couldn't get out of. Sadly, there will be a rare chance <gs id="a171bccf-4c18-4afe-8c68-c0a74d340a61" ginger_software_uiphraseguid="5450e26b-e1e4-4ee5-84f5-215559fb7089" class="GINGER_SOFTWARE_mark">on</gs> a victim to be saved. They will be saved in one day if they are in a "curse" since the curse will consume them, but not to mention if the Magical Girls are able to learn "reverse". There will a chance that they will survive except they will be left with scars remaining on them forever.

Sometimes, it will be fatal when they are forced to kill if there's no cure. They will be a target to doctors and scientists who wanted to find a cure.

A witness is someone witnessing something suspicious or witnessed a Magical Girl's transformed. There will be a chance to be fatal if the witness exposed everything or etc. It will be beyond worst than expecting when they will not be spared in one day, but there will some chance that they will not be under the radar. If they tried to contact a "Witch Hunter", it's going to be a difficult situation.

Accidents aren't excusable anymore when their faith relies on the trial on their fate waiting for them. There's no immunity from this one either when they will die without question.

The survivor will gain a terrible impact, but it doesn't mean that they forget very easily. Those survived long enough to live another day, they will gain Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. The memories will not go away very easily if the Victim becomes a Survivor. Some will keep their mind sane to avoid disaster, but history will repeat themselves in a nightmarish manner. 

Some will have a chance to become Witch Hunters, but they will not believe in magic. It will rub the Magic-Users in the wrong way if they tried to take advantage of them. They will be a "rare" chance if they have anti-magic or not.

The Mascots:

The Mascots supposed to be very cute beings in the Magical Girls' genre, but they could be malice except they aren't within this cannon. Since Mascots based on mythology, but it could be created from a person's mind only 0.1% to 5% chance. The Mascots are more than just what they appeared to be since they bonded the girl by their contracts. They aren't very helpful, but there are only some acted like mentor to guide the Magical Girls. Some Mascot could possibly the victims are sacrificed through the ritual, but there are some very manipulative. They are different types of them since some may not Mythology except it shows creativity on how a user created ones, but there is only 1% chance.

Based on the idea from Bayonetta:
A Umbra Witch is bonded by the contract by her Familiar if the Umbra Witch defeated and the contract has to be fulfilled as they dragged into the Infernus.

Mascots guided the Magical Girls except they have the right to block user's powers if they saw them taking advantage of the situations or abusing the powers. The Magical Girls started off with the pure Mascot except if they corrupted their heart. So does the Mascot as it transformed into something since they are as one. The only way to avoid the Mascot from being corrupted, but cutting the user off from using the powers.

There are different types of Mascots, but they are very picky on their users... No joke about it... Some Magical Girls don't have mascots with them.
The Mascots aren't revealed to them except they are remaining within the users' consequences as they judged the user by action. They cannot be seen through the human eyes, but some maybe disguised other than a stuff animal.

They could be helpful sometimes, but some Mascots aren't very helpful. Maybe I will get to that later on.

Magical Girl Type:

Ritualized Ones:

Ritualized Girl - Explanation (WIP) by GinKyofu13(Note: I needed to revise this picture)

For those who don't know, the Ritualized ones are those who used human sacrifice to gain their powers except it carried a heavier price. Unlike the Chosen Ones or Gifted, they don't spare from what they had done since it included sacrifice, but it will carry the guilt within their souls. Sometimes, their powers will end up backfired on them... It depends on how they took their time to train themselves instead of wasting or take the easy way out. It carried a heavier price when it comes to the "every way out", but it doesn't mean that they are immune to anything ahead of them. There is 1-2 out of a million that some will gain immortality instead it isn't an easy path to say it. 

Ritualized Ones aren't innocent in reality except they carried the guilt within their souls, but it was referred to sacrificed part of their body instead of the human sacrifice. The Ritual could be possibly cause by the occults or curious idiotic humans who wanted to do something extreme. The Ritualized Ones have a demon star within their pendant to allow them to transform except it isn't much prettier when they are forced to feel the pain. They aren't free, but they are bound by the contracts.

If they died, then they turned into Dead Girls based on their death or element that they gained. It isn't very much pretty too, since Ritualized Ones are insane or sane due to their natures. Say for instinct this character... This character doesn't have much of a name at all except she had the element based on Earth/Poison except her death is more sinister. I haven't created, the origin about it yet except it's possible that she sacrificed one arm to gain this power. 

I haven't created, the origin for her yet, except I am gradually trying to get something out of my skull for a good reason. 


There is nothing good about the Ritualized Ones since there are considered to be mixed with Good/Evil or Neutral. It doesn't seem a bit a good idea since the Ritualized Ones are always the evil except if their minds are straight. Some will say that, but there are some who had a guilt or carried a strong senses of denial that they will regret. Some don't seem to care much about anyone else except what they gained from it. They will be obsessed with power, but gain something that they cannot gain from the beginning.

If a Ritualized Girl passed away, her contract is fulfilled, but it isn't a pretty one when she became a monster herself. If she is able to master her element in a week or last longer. There is a slight chance if they don't die or try not to act the fool, but there is still no hope. The Ritualized Ingredients aren't cheap very well, but there are rare items that they needed to find. They cannot find it at the back of the hall since some will be hoax if anything goes wrong. It's those who tried to commit the act, but failed to do so with the right ingredient including the sacrifice. 

If they sacrificed an animal... Let's just say the results will be more bittersweet, but the ritual will backfire on them or and instantly kill them without question.

Ritualized Elements: 

The elements aren't much on what they wanted, but it isn't much pretty about it since the elements are based on their fears...
Ex. Fear of Water, Fire, Thunder or anything... They cannot choose their own power except they ended getting their least favorite powers... 

This Character Example: Her fear is being buried alive (Claustrophobia) and Snakes...

It is a metaphor for "Overcoming your own fear" and "Let fear becomes of you". If you don't master the fear than... You aren't going to like the results of it when fear gets the better of you. Even though, your dreams or illusions since the Ritualized Ones aren't very much pleased about their powers. There are a few chances that fear is overcome, but it comes with the price... Their guilt will make them insane to target their own friends and family, but endangering themselves as well.

They are strongly depending if they controlled their own abilities or not, but it doesn't mean that they are a good spell caster. The attack comes from their mind and body or weapons depending on them, but by will. They cannot use one weapon except they had to learn three weapon skills... It depends if they wanted to or not, but they needed to master...

They are still open for weakness to the opposite elements...


The Ritualized Ones are considered to be black with any color except dark tone.

Note: Ritualized Ones are very rare due to the percent if they lived or died or by accident... They don't have pleasant dreams either, since their dreams are surrounded by guilt if it is included sacrificing them, but it's still considered "murdered" since they killed someone. The dreams will haunt them until they died, but those who sacrificed their body parts or one of their five senses are spared.

Alternate Sacrifice:

If they sacrificed one of their five senses to gain their magic, they are the only ones spare from the nightmare. It doesn't mean that they spared from the nightmares except the blind will enhance their sixth senses except those sacrificed for taste, but they have to overcome their fear and how they sense evil. It's complicated at first except they aren't spare from the pain. It's not very pretty when they felt their limbs or senses removed, but they saw the silhouette. It wasn't quite pleasant when they saw as they lose their limbs. It isn't a pleasant sight except they get the dark image in their mind.
  • The Blind has more advantage since they are able to unable to see their fears and used this as an advantage, but they are some who aren't aware of their sixth senses. 75% (Reference: See no Evil)
  • The Deaf cannot hear anything except they are able to see their fear except they cannot hear anything very well. They aren't successful, but it depends... 25% (Reference: Hear no Evil)
  • The Mute isn't able to talk, but they can see or hear, but they cannot say anything about the source since it's complicated. They lost their way communicated except their mouth are stitched together. It means something will go wrong when they aren't survived a... 15% (Reference: Talk no Evil)
  • The Untouched has an advantage when they aren't able to feel anything, but it doesn't mean that they aren't spare from getting their hands remove, but their limbs are going to be replaced. They have a chance of overcoming their fear. (Reference: Touch no Evil if it existed) 
  • The Smell had a reason for a good reason, they will lose their oxygen as they are forced to be bounded by flesh mask since the oxygen will be cut off from their noses. It's a rookie mistake. They have minor advantages due to the fact that they have four remaining senses since they are the worst (Reference: Smell no Evil if it existed)
It takes a lot of concentration when they blocked out their normal human, but they are mutilated due to the sacrifice. It isn't rocket science when they referred sacrificed parts of their bodies instead of sacrificed their friends and family. They have 0% guilt when they tried to do something right and the guilt will gradually go on with their lives. Their hearts aren't pure for doing such thing than those who sacrificed their friends since they give up their souls to become what they are. They had been overshadowed by the others, but they don't appear to be alone. It's bittersweet when some ended up in the hospital when hospitals took advantage, but they hid behind the mask to avoid others from seeing them for what they are. Sometimes, they referred shut off from loved ones because of this sacrifice and avoided being compared from monsters to humans. They aren't what they appeared to be, but the corruption caused them to hide themselves or caused chaos.

Another Factor:
Ritualized Ones could be victims themselves manipulated to do a misdeed to gain a spirit an opportunity to take advantage of them. There's no evidences if they are victims or not since there's no proof. Some will end up becoming host to the spirit, but they become the slave to the contract. It's very unknown on switch spirit is a switch, but I'm going to hold it off for a while. There are spirits who aren't good as they say.

Bella Luna the Queen of Heart? Sketch by GinKyofu13
Bella Luna the Queen of Heart? Sketch
I don't own the character, but :iconagentmaryland93: owns the character. I heard from :iconhalf-rose: within the chatroom and they were talking about doing their own version of Alice in Wonderland, but I like the idea as well. The good thing about it, it will be a darker and the horror side of Wonderland that I willing to enjoy. It had been along time since I last did a drawing before, but I'm starting back slowly.

It may not be the best one except it's for a start. 

Bella Luna - :iconagentmaryland93:
I don't own anything.

Note: I have to edit it since I knew none cannot see it, but I'm brightening it up a bit for those who can't see it.

Note2: Updating to the seccond sketch with the lineart.


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