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Short Story
Any story you wanted except I am not including CPxOC pairing, MLP, or something else...

No Official Character from any game or anime or cartoon paired up either with an OC...

I could do fiction or fanfiction, but choose your poison wisely because I have the right to refuse if I find the story don't make sense. Just send me a summary on and switch character including.
Character Charts
MG Character Chart by GinKyofu13
Dehog's Character Designs for the Sonic Characters by GinKyofu13
I will do character charts around 3 to twelve involving your characters, I will needed reference and etc. to do so. No matter if it is a Pokemon, Digimon, OC, or anything.
Paranoid (Headless) by GinKyofu13
Bella Luna the Queen of Heart? Sketch by GinKyofu13
SweetTooth's Draft by GinKyofu13
Peacock (SkullGirls) by GinKyofu13
Skullgirls Cosplayer: Meg as Peacock by GinKyofu13
Don't worry, if anyone who are into lineart! No matter if it is full shot, headshot, or half-body. The limits are actually 1 through 6 characters this time.
Trenderman and??? by GinKyofu13
BlenderGirl and WTF Blender... by GinKyofu13
Don't Pissed Thanatos off by GinKyofu13
Thanatos - The Usual Cases by GinKyofu13
Dr. Faustus the Menderman: Character Reference P1 by GinKyofu13
I will do something like that except it will be involving the half body, full body, or headshots of the characters. The limits, it will be around 2 through 8 depends on the references of the characters and the ideas. I could still do it if you put in the details for now in written. I will do.

That includes Pokemon, OCs, Creepypasta (Maybe), Sonic, or etc, but depends.




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Switch commissin should I do? 

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I checked on the gallery and they are too many OCs that I don't use much anymore. I planned to sell some very soon, but the price is still debatable... It's up to the Buyer to decide, but it doesn't mean that I'm selling the current ones that I planned to use. I don't know why, if it's possible that I don't use the OCs in my fanfiction anymore, but relying on other characters from different series or something else.


Sideburn the Charmander by GinKyofu13Violin (Profile) by GinKyofu13Rich Rival by GinKyofu13Unhealthy Relationship Between by GinKyofu13Violin (Eerie Male) by GinKyofu13Krueger Twins by GinKyofu13Lineart - Blaze by GinKyofu13Princess Silver 'Rosie' Horror by GinKyofu13Mario OCs - S.H. and Violet by GinKyofu13

Samson the Black Mushroom by GinKyofu13
Adoptable OCs - Rough Draft by GinKyofu13
Venus (Redesign) WIP

Adoptable OC - Venus by GinKyofu13

Since I had my drawings from high school and i wasn't proud of it now. There was good inspiration from different game series, but it includes the anime. I looked back at it since they were my inspiration and some students saw this as Pokemon, but there was a good word to put this "anime". Some didn't like the style since they don't know about, but I looked at my current work and the past work. I'm proud of what I did in the past, but I wanted to keep the characters as I converted them from Fancharacters to the original characters.

I willing to give the buyer the choice if they wanted to pay by points or PayPal...
It's the first come and first serve...
I will not go by the chart for a good reason, but I will do them in a separate picture with the other redesign for.
Also, I was doing them one at the time!

I haven't redesigned the characters yet, but this will do for now...

Redesigned done.

First up: Venus
Adoptable OC - Venus by GinKyofu13
Adoptable OC - Venus
I started with one with the characters who I haven't used for the Nuzlocke Challenge for Pokemon Leaf Green and FireRed. She was an antagonist except a former Venusaur to an Alraune. I got this inspiration from Monster Girls Encyclopedia except I had to do research through the Wikia due to the fact that it was Japanese.

Even though, I like the idea involving the Alraune since it's related to plant monster except I wished that I took my time with the "true" monster's expression. I was very impatient on how the design was able to pull off, but I kept the original one from the rough draft with two new designs. Since I saw the Adoptable OCs except the only problem is that some ended up being recolor. 

I'm not going into the lazy route, but I decided to put up the three versions of each OCs since it's still a win-win situation or a lose-lose situation. I haven't colored them yet, but it was worth at the end. 
Adoptable OCs - Rough Draft by GinKyofu13
Adoptable OCs - Rough Draft
The OCs revised into the adoptable, but it's not yet since it's in the rough draft mode. It doesn't mean that I'm doing all in one go. Before anyone asked, I posted it into my tumblr, but I didn't post it on my Facebook page. Even though, I regretted not posting in on this website for an odd reason, but it doesn't matter since they aren't in color mode yet.

Three weeks skipped…

“What am I going to do?” I said in my mind.

It was struggling to overcome my phobia, but I was able to overcome my obstacles related to voices. The voices were at the back of my head and they tried to manipulate me to become frightening again. It wasn’t going to cut it when I overcome the first plan when I’m able to summon my mouth, but it hurts like hell. It wasn’t going to be an easy recovery when my mouth ripped layers of my skin, but it was the first step to improve myself.

I didn’t realize the true strength when my rage caused an outburst as Doctor used his illusion to test me. I wondered if it was an illusion or not since he was able to pull off the disguise very well, but he didn’t last long when it was getting harder him to breath. He pulled off the shapeshift ability, but not all of it. I wondered if he was a Low-Blood like me since it wasn’t complete when he has a hard time with his faceless form. I didn’t have a hard time with this form since I was able to breathe through my layered skin. He couldn’t breathe under his layered skin, but this brought suspicious to me on what he is.

He could be one of us, but it’s debatable since he sensed my presence when I disguised myself as a mannequin. I questioned how he knew who he was, but what am I going to do? I cannot bring out my tendrils when I woke up from my sleep. I thought that I was able to pull it off except it was too painful to say that I ended up injuring myself.

I remembered what the Doctor pointed out, but he mentioned that disorders are to make others feel weak or something. I couldn’t think straight to what he means, but he mentioned to overcome an obstacle standing in the way. I was able to stand up to my inner voices, but I was able to overcome an illusion. There’s something that I’m lacking, but I couldn’t stand it when my father called me weak. Words couldn’t harm me, but bring me down due to my status. How am I going to prove it or overcome it?

I wondered if I’m able to come across the doctor to ask him about what his Blood is. I wondered if he knew about the Inferus race or if he was one of them. It doesn’t mean that I can sit around when there’s no food involved inside of the house. I grumbled under my breath when I forced to empty the fridge. There’s no civilization where I’m coming from, but I’m still in the forest. It’s not claimed by Slender, yet when I needed to get something to eat. So, this left me no other choice when I’m forced to hunt for food. I don’t have anything to prepare when I finished drinking my coffee.

I’m not a vegan, but I don’t have any money to support myself. I am not good with killing, but it’s a need when I needed to survive somehow. I decided to look around the house to see if there’s some weapons that I could use. I looked around, but explored around the house to gain a useful item. I didn’t want to go near the Meat Factory Room since it’s not my intention to end… or maybe…

I checked around the home, but it’s ironic when I didn’t see the butter knife as a useful weapon. I didn’t want to go near the Meat Factory Room, but why I referred it? I have my reasons since it felt a nostalgia feeling. I wanted to learn the human culture, but I didn’t want to kill them except…

My heart wanted the urge to kill those who disgraced the store. I remembered their faces, but my anger remained inside of me. They don’t care about the customers or anything, but they neglected their duties. There are three owners as I remembered, but they aren’t aware what the workers were doing behind their back. It’s ironic when I wanted to kill them without question, but I can’t. I hold back my anger from the beginning, but it doesn’t mean… I’m stressed out, but I haven’t gotten a physical exam yet from the doctor, but “he” reminded me that I cannot reject my own powers. It’s like denying myself and wanted to become another race.

“You won’t last long when you rejected your own power…”

I am rejecting my own power, it means that I’m rejecting myself when I feared to look at the mirror. The strong pulse comes out again, but I wanted to kill something. I hoped it’s something in the forest to satisfy my urge, but I needed a weapon. I have no other choice when I went down the Meat Factory Room and I took the surgery equipment before I left these. Since they were my only weapons, but they aren’t very useful if I used it on the door. I grumbled under my breath when I’m forced to use them to get something to eat.

I will properly go fishy after all, but when was the last time that I went swimming to be honest. I’m possibly that I could get some fishes from the lake, but there’s an advantage for me. I’m lucky that I cannot drown, but I grabbed my swim suit. Before I came out, it was cold and I grumbled under my breath when I cannot swim during the cold for a good reason. Since it’s cold and I’m not going to get sick. It’s ironic when I forced to make clothes out my own cover and sheets to go out.

I forced to hunt on land, but I’m not sure if it’s useful when I have only syringe, surgery knives, and blade. I’m not even in the surgery field and I couldn’t save a person’s soul, but let alone kill the person. I have no other choice than to use it to my advantage as I came out of the house prepared. It doesn’t mean that it’s an easy task since there’s only a few around this area.

I could make squirrel soup if I didn’t find anything big around the forest, but it’s a force. I locked the door to make sure that none come inside before I began to travel deeper into the forest. I tried not to make a noise, but it’s a struggle for me. I’m used to it, but it’s my first time hunting in the forest. I will buy food from the grocery store, but I don’t have any change on me to buy anything. I relied on the meals from the restaurants, but I find some way to survive.

I grumbled under my breath when I wished that I have a trail to lead me back to the house if it gets dark. It’s odd when I wanted to rely on technology, but there’s no signal. It’s sucks when I couldn’t get my GPS, but I had to turn down on the technology for now.

“Just to keep myself calm,” I said in my mind when I put on my headphone and played music to keep me calm.

“You know if you are going to hunt some food, it’s wise to not have distractions,” said the doctor’s voice and paused for a second.

He was somewhere, but it’s odd when I felt something burning. I looked around curiously when I heard a pot steaming out hot air. He was somewhere when I followed the smoke, but it was a pleasant and it doesn’t smell very good when I detected gasoline. Man, he’s hard to find within the forest as I looked around, but it had been a while since I saw him last time.

There are so many questions inside my head if I should tell him about the truth or not. It wasn’t comfortable when I heard an uncomfortable music related to an accordion, but it’s not my type of music. Why would he want to play the romantic music in the middle of the forest? I could use to track him down except I’m lacking of food. As I went track him down, I begin to notice a vehicle crashed in a river, but the liquid caused clear water into ooze.

“What was going on when I was unconscious?” I said in my mind, but I examined the vehicle.

It looked like that it was on fire, but someone burnt it out. I smelled a hint of blood, but it’s suspicious when I smelled a hint of alcohol. Was it a drink and driving? I ignored this one before continued to track him down, but maybe I will check inside of it. Until I saw him playing the accordion with a warm fire, but it’s odd when he looked calm.

“Finally, you found me,” he said calmly.

“Because you played an accordion,” I said apathetically.

“Well, there’s nothing wrong with that,” he countered, but I wondered if his profession is doctoring when I noticed two corpses without any skin, “but then again, how are you doing now?”

After overcoming the voices, it’s comforting to say that I was able to gain control of my body. It’s a struggle when I tried to summon the tendrils from my back, but it hurts like hell. I was able to get a good sleep from the three weeks. It doesn’t mean that I’m invulnerable to hunger, but I wanted to simply eat something.

He put down the accordion and took out the clipboard from his coat, but took notes. There was no chair when I sat down before him, but become unease. I told him about how I was doing, but nobody was around to clean my house. My mind wondered if I informed Splendor about my new home except I didn’t in my mind. I’m glad that Slender or Offender didn’t find it when my mind feels at ease, but it doesn’t mean…

“Did you?”

“Did what?”

“Uh?” I reminded when I saw the truck, but the terrible smell related to the corpses.

“Well, I have a reason to come back here since I needed to look for each of my patients,” he replied to me as he grinned as he removed his mask, but I noticed the bloodstains on his clothes, “Kukukkukuk!”

He tilted his head with curious when he looked at the surgery kit, I was planning to use it for hunting. Since the fishes are going to be contaminated, but the lake isn’t going to be.

“Why is that?” I said when I looked at him as he writes with the tendrils, but hesitated since he doesn’t look the same, “Don’t tell me…”

“Well, they left me no other choice since they have no right to claim this territory as their own, but I didn’t want to risk them to discover you…”

“Don’t tell me… You killed…”

He frowned at me, “Well, what was I going to do for this one? I couldn’t allow anyone to go near patients to cause trouble, and are you going belittled me for doing something wrong?”


“Well,” he said as he tilted his head and I shook my head as I remembered when I didn’t do anything to stop them in the mall, “I have news for you, and it’s a dog-eat-dog world since there’s no peace between humans and monsters. It’s also a survival of the fittest, but you were also sleeping. There was no way for you to wake up to realize these intruders coming into your house, but I had to take matters into my own hands.”

He made a point when nobody came inside my house, but was he protecting me? I was disgusted for what he did, but I was relief that I was protected. It could be worse if he wasn’t around and I would be another victim from the block. I wasn’t able to wake up due to the sleep and it made me wonder if Slender or Offender would do the worst damage in my sleep.

“I’m waiting…”

“Never mind that,” I changed the subject.

“Oh ok!” He said calmly, “I see you got my surgery kit…”

“How did you?”

“I haven’t been in the house for a long time, but I used these for a long time ago, before I got a better one to travel with. I regretted leaving it behind, but I’m glad that you found it now. You could keep it if you want to...”

“But these were the only ones inside of the house and I don’t think it’s…”

“Boy, I will advise you to never underestimate these weapons since it will come in handy one of those days,” he tilted his head to the right, “This is the first step to learn to survive, but I will advise you to use this as substitute before you make a full recovery.”

Why would I want to use the surgery kit to survive if I went to someplace else? I wanted to criticize him for this one, but I judged it too early. I paused for a second when I opened the kit to something useful. I wasn’t fond to the Meat Factory Room, but I could put it to good use. I looked down at the surgery equipment, but they had a history behind each one. Well, he made a good point when I am going to need to for a substitute weapon.

“Then again, could you teach me on how to use it?”

“Well, we will have to start on the basic by finding suitable targets for how doing it,” he said, “Kukukuku… Well, it’s curious on how you wanted to learn about it? Sadly, you are still new at this one since we don’t have anything to eat, then it’s wise to learn.”

He didn’t hesitate for a second when he’s willing to teach me on how to use it.

“All, we needed a scalpel, but I’m willing to get the scalpel from the target for two misses. Please make it count…”

Geez, I wondered if he was sarcastic or not when he sounded cheerful, but naïve. I felt like that he’s very serious, but it doesn’t mean that I got comfy. He used the clipboard to take notes, but something tells me that it was going to become a complicated. I ignored when I gulped, but he looked cheerful except I got a chill down my spine. He mentioned that we didn’t eat anything, but… why would we want to use a scalpel?

“But you also needed to learn to knock out a target silently with the syringe…”


“Well, we will have to start on the syringe later since it will be a bit early for you, but you have to start off small somehow. It’s just a basic task…”

It will be easily if I used a syringe to get an easy kill, but he didn’t provide with a CC to knock it out. I had to start off with the scalpel as I looked down at it, but I considered it unsuitable. I don’t see it as a dagger, but how is this going to help me? I have a shadow of doubt when I looked down at it, but I was hungry and I needed to make use of it.

I tried to ignore the doubt, but what’s worth to say when I am going to try something out of the ordinary. He took my iPad and headphones, but threw it into the river. I could see the truck still face down in the water as we traveled from the distance.

“Be very quiet,” he replied to me as he used his tendril to get to the top, but helped me up to the branch.

I hoped he didn’t make me fall down since its trouble when I tried to gain a balance. What am I going to learn? I had doubt feeling within my mind when he jumped from branch to branch. I struggled to try to follow what he was doing, but I didn’t have the strength to do so. What kind of doctor he is as I landed down on the back? I decided to follow him, but I wanted to run except he wasn’t making a sound. I observed him when he jumped from branch to branch until I wasn’t able to track him down. It’s complicated to say when it’s a dog-eat-dog world and things are free, but I had to gain something out of it. What was his intention?

I was able to catch up with him when he leaned on the tree, but I wondered what was this about?

“Look,” he said as he pointed out.

I looked ahead to notice a deer eating near the pasture, but it’s an easy target when I looked at it. Nobody was around as it eats the glasses in peace, but it’s possibly our meal ticket.

“So, we have to kill the deer?” I said to him as he chuckled as he shook his head.

It’s an odd way to put it when I looked at him apathetically, but he was pointing in the right direction. Was he pointing at the deer? Then again, it’s complicated to say that he pointed at the deer at least. I was wrong when he didn’t give me a right or wrong answer, but it’s confusing when he chuckled.

“Even though, I willing to say, yes, but this isn’t what I referred to,” he replied.

“What the hell do you mean?” I said to him except I flinched when he took out of scalpel from his coat.

He threw it like it was a dart, but I thought it was used for a surgery instead I was wrong. The scalpel stabbed the deer in the heart without looking at it, but it’s a surprise by this.

“Dear Patient, anyone will kill a deer as it’s doing the businesses. It’s an easy target, but you could kill it without question. There’s no effort…”

“No effort, you just…”

“Well, it’s true and I could easily miss away from the heart, but my scalpel would have hit the tree leaving the target escaped. This skill took time and practice, but anything could be used as a weapon. I ended up using a scalpel as my personal weapon for a good reason, but I had to learn to learn the target’s weakness for a good reason. Since animals, humans, and other creatures have anatomies, but we have weaknesses as well. The distraction will get the better of us…”

I was trying to understand for what he means by this, but it’s a validated point from what he’s trying to show me. A deer came out of the hiding place to get some food without any enemies surrounding it, but it’s an open target to anyone. It’s distracted by the food, but we were very quiet. This is what I thought we were since I didn’t understand what he was saying.

It was an easy-target since it had no distraction, but was I distracted by the doubts from the past?

“Sometimes, it’s worth blowing off stream your anger on something like this, but don’t let it get the better of you. It’s wise to use this to your advantage of an opportunity to kill to survive…”

“So, it’s ours…”

“Nope, you have to find your own food if you wanted to live, but I’m just showing you for practice…”

“You don’t have to be a prick about it,” I said in my mind sarcastically, but I understood him except it’s complicated to say on what he means by this.

He used a scalpel to for a successful kill without looking at it, but it’s possible with instinct right? I couldn’t pull it off if I have to do the same thing, but do I have a choice? I was hungry after all and the voices annoying me at the back of my head.

“Life isn’t easy, but if you wanted to prove to yourself than I will give you a hint,” Faust said as he chuckled.

I wanted to strangle him, but it wasn’t going to get me anywhere.

“You have a name to live up to, my patient and proved to me,” he replied, “You are worthy to your name Trenderman…”

It wasn’t my original name from where I came from, but it was given to me by default due to my interest in the human culture. I couldn’t help when I wanted to accept them except I loved their fashion sense. I forced to learn the hard way since I have to go through, but was thus tied to my symptom denying my own race? It’s confusing concept if I had to put the pieces together. I was expecting something else to cure from my condition, but he gave me nothing than a challenge. I have to prove to him that I lived up to my name, but this is going to be complicated.

I had no other choice to prove myself to him, but grumbled under my breath. He left with a dead deer on his shoulder, but I thought he’s joking. I gave him a middle finger before I proved his twisted game, but I needed to survive.

“You can’t depend on others to survive,” said the voices, “Can’t survive with your-”

“Shut up,” I said in my consciousness when I was determined to prove him to live up to my name.

I haven’t received this name after my birth, but it’s quite odd on how long they have decided my name. I mentioned from Splendor that my father almost killed me because my status. I wondered if it was something due to the Blood Type since I knew it was a High, Pure, Medium, Low, False and Dirty Blood. My brothers were a “High-Blood” and Medium-Blood, but I was a Low-Blood. I tried to deny it for a long time, but I hated to admit it when I tried to avoid the issues from the past.

I trusted Splendor with my heart since he raised me and my brothers alone until SCP… I don’t want to think about it when I tried to move on except the past haunted me more when I used to get along with other brothers. Offender didn’t want any part in us anymore as he departed his way, but Splendor continued to raise us. It’s a feeling of survival in a harsh world, but I had forgotten that humanity had their dark side.

SCP was involved the incident from the past, but I didn’t want to remember. Was I denied it more to try to live in a fantasy to try to make peace with the humanity? I wanted to accept the fact, but I couldn’t remember it. What’s the point when I distracted myself to avoid starving myself?

I grumbled under my breath when I have scalpels as my weapon and hit them in the right place. How does Dr. Faustus does that? He stabbed the deer in the heart without trying, but I couldn’t…

I said as I paused for a second, “Wait a minute, I could do this. I needed time and patience to pull it off like he did, but he’s…”

“You know you are standing there,” Dr. Faustus replied in my conscious.

I snapped out of the doubt when I’m standing there, but was I narrating? I grumbled under my breath with an embarrassment as I departed to hunt for food. I had to remain patience and calm as I forced to fight through nature in the fog. I don’t have guns, but I had to rely on the stealth to get what I gained something out in the wild. I hoped it was a deer or something else, but not a human since I didn’t want.

I noticed a bird on the branch except I had to hide behind the bus, but I didn’t want my clothes to get dirty. It’s ironic when the washing machine doesn’t work inside, but I will try to wash it by hand. I had no choice when I could see an opportunity as I looked at the bird, but I struggled to clear everything in mind. I kept my devices in my pocket to avoid the distraction. I took out the scalpel from the surgery kit very slowly instead it wasn’t successful when the bird flew away.

“Dammit!” I said in my mind, but I didn’t give up on it.

I searched around the forest to see if there’s another deer except I had no luck. He wondered if he was expecting something out of the ordinary when I searched high and low for an animal. I tried to be sneaky except it wasn’t successful as I ended up missing each time.

Faustus’ POV

It’s very cruel treatment, but it’s a perfect opportunity for the patient to fight to prove themselves if they wanted to be cured or not. I met them for the first time if they wanted to be cured, then they will prove to me if they are worth. Some will start off recovery, but they fell back to their old ways. It gets me uncomfortable when they referred taking over-the-counter drugs over overcoming obstacles. There aren’t some wise doctors who willing to make the patient look better, but some used patients as experiments to the drugs. Sadly, some patients will recover except their addictions aren’t.

Those doctors will to take advantage of patients to gain an upper hand to get rich in reality. I may be an asshole to him, but it depends on me for the better if they lived or died. This is an interesting choice for Trender since I’m still his doctor, but needed to take notes. I needed him to get rid of the technology for a good reason, but I have forgotten to tell him this. I chuckled at his failures on trying to kill, but it’s improving on his skills. He couldn’t gain his own tendrils, but he needed to learn to use the temporary ones before he gained his own.

It’s a struggle for him, but it’s easy for me since practice always perfect. I didn’t learn to use sharp objects as my personal weapon in one day, but it took me more than three times to master it. I learned to use target sign, but then I “practiced” on live specimens. It’s complicated when I didn’t enjoy the past much, but it came in handy when it’s necessary.

Even though, I had to treat a patient with tough love, but it goes a mile away since I can’t babied anyone. Since I forced to learn myself on my own, but I hoped the patients will do the same thing too. Since there’s no easy way to live in life, but they have to push harder to prove to me if they have to deal with pressure. I have a cruel to humor sided, but they had to overcome it. I like to see how long Trender will pass this test, but it could prove to me straight if he’s worthy of this name.

I watched him fail as he missed each time, but practiced bring perfect at least. He needed to achieve back the syringes from the missed target. I don’t care if daylight turned into nighttime, he will have to prove to me on what he’s able to.

Trender’s POV

I grumbled under my breath when I struggled to kill a prey without making a noise. I haven’t got much luck about the moving targets, but it wasn’t successful when I missed. It was a hit-and-miss and I wanted to scream out in rage as I got my clothes dirty. Its almost going to scream in rage as I missed the birds, but what kind of doctor is he? What kind of doctor is he? He watched me failed each time, but I needed to prove to him about my identity. The only thing that I…

“If you continued to deny it more and more, then you will not success,” he replied with a hint, “This was an exercise to prove to me on your name “Trender”… I saw you struggling and this is how I see it. You think it was easy instead it isn’t… What if it was your own enemy?”

I flinched when he was right behind me and I’m a bit creep out on how he is breathing under my neck.

“I’m willing to help you with the target if you promised one thing…”

He told sounded calm mixed with sadistic and cruel into each word, but it gave me a chill down my spine. I paused for a second when I wondered if it was or what the hell am I getting into...

I replied when I turned around to see him right behind me, “What?”

He removed his mask and revealed his stitched-up mouth, but he had one pupil in his eye. He marks on his face

“Get rid of the human nonsense, I know you loved them and their style. There’s something you needed to realize, no human will not be your friend if you revealed to them. Since you are related to you-know-who… You don’t need technology by your side since it could become your worst enemy…”

“Become my worst enemy?” I said in anger, “Oh please…”

“Oh please… These are the last words from the idiot underestimate my advice and he wasn’t lucky when he didn’t last long…”

I flinched for a second when his tone turned darker as I didn’t know about what he meant. Was the vehicle caused by Dr. Faust? As he chuckled with a “kukuku” in a sadistic tone, but it gave me a chill down my spine.

“Don’t tell me,” I replied.

“He and a few friends decided to go out except he didn’t realize the consequences of his texting and driving cost him…”

He chuckled sadistically as he was referring the vehicle that I encountered.

“Did you?”

“No, it’s his own damn fault,” he replied as his tone switches into a woman’s voice.

“But you have something to do with this,” I said to him suspiciously.

“Yes, I did… What’s a little fear to do with his situation? He lived or died depending on the outcome, but I don’t tolerate disrespect or anything else. He should have remained home, instead he caused trouble and ignoring my order. A little fear will get a person to change their mind if it’s too late or early… I’m not very cruel. Am I? Kukukuku…”

He made a good point when I could multitask while I worked in secret before I came across this old house. I used to work in secret at the different malls, but I loved to work in the night from the past. I used my technology to my advantage to explore new ways of the new trend. It had been my only friend when I gave secret advice to others in need, but it made me wonder if I used too much about it.

“If you are a Slender…”

“Even though, I’m not…”

“You could communicate through telepathic to others without the technology, but why haven’t you used it more often?”

“I did it sometimes, but…”

“Trender, do you want to be cured, kukukuku?”


“Answer me, there’s no right or wrong answer and I cannot kill if you choose the wrong one,” he said as he chuckled sadistically, but it gave me the chill.

I wondered about what he meant by this since the only cure had to overcome this disorder. I had to overcome it, but there was no moral support from my siblings. I had to remind myself as I was able to scream at the top of my lungs and ripping open my extra skin to reveal my mouth. It was painful, but successful when the voices aren’t dominated over my own body anymore.

“In other words, you want to overcome obstacles preventing you from going through the metamorphosis. You wanted to test yourself until you reached your limit… Kukuku…”


It looked like that I had no other choice.


“Good, you will need to get rid of the technology since it’s holding you back…”

“What?” I said in horrified.

“Well, you needed to drop these things and other human stuff out of your mind, then after your metamorphosis… Then you are able to gain back, but take precaution that all eyes and ears are watching.”


I knew the iPad and the iPhone aren’t mine since I stole it on purpose, but I wondered if it’s tied to the vehicle. I hoped that… I shook my head when I was denied as I felt distrustful to the doctor when I had a question.

“I had a question to ask you…”

“Well, I had two choices… One left them alone and watched them invade your own house since some people can’t be trusted. Option two is prevention… I’m sorry, but we have to deal with choices in life. Sometimes it was for the better or worst…”

“So, you did this when you…”

“Before you jumped into conclusion, you needed to think twice before you act since you were unconscious for three weeks. How will you react if they discovered you were in bed? How will they react if they think that you are Slenderman?”

I flinched when I didn’t think about this before, but it’s true when I had been sleeping for the past three weeks. I tried to think to choose my words when it hit right in the heart of how I was going to react the next day. I wasn’t going to react if I’m dead, but I felt like the words mocking me on how stupid that I was. Faustus didn’t look at me as he pulled out the teacup from his jacket and poured himself tea, but it smelled like blood.

“So, you…”

“First step was scaring them except it didn’t work when these kids don’t care about anything except trouble…”

“Didn’t you…”

“Are you naïve?”

“Excuse me,” I said as I backed away when he looked at me.

“I gave them three warnings to not go near them; I was not cruel to anyone. I was expecting them to turn back and leave, but it gets them more and more interesting… Foolish child, you didn’t see me since you were unconscious as you recovered… What else to do? As your doctor, I don’t want you getting interrupted from the recovery and I cannot allow interruption go near the patients… Do you expect me to leave you alone without your brothers watching you? What kind of family you have? Didn’t your father or mother teach you…”

I snapped in anger when my mother didn’t care if I lived or died, but I didn’t want to acknowledge my father. He tried to kill me due to my status and lacked of strength unlike my brother, but it was Splendor raised the three of us.

“You don’t know anything about my family in the first place; you didn’t even encounter my brothers…”


It’s quite odd when he isn’t laughing with this, “kukukuku” when he gave me the glare. I was expecting, but he looked at me as he removed his mask. He smiled sadistically at me when the blood dreaming down his teeth and it was disgusting.

“It’s true that I haven’t… I don’t know your family or met your brothers, but I cannot leave you alone either. What’s a doctor to do if I left a patient alone in a coma? I decided to do the opposite to test you if you were worthy…”

“How did you disguise yourself as my brother?” I asked bothered about what happened before the three-week coma hits me.

“How were you able to see through my disguise?”

He hit me again with the question as I wondered if it was my instinct or mentally. Without him, I wouldn’t be alive when I had a hint that it was an instinct. I knew Slender and Offender didn’t care about me, but Splendor was the only one raised me. I had a lot to learn about this when I looked down at him when I wasn’t sure.

“Ok, you win…”

“Good,” he said as he smiled down as he took out a teacup and poured tea.

I gulped when I smelled the vile smell of blood, but I thought he used water at first. I never drank human blood and tried to go vegan, but if I drank this than I am going to lose my insanity or what? I hesitated to refuse, but I haven’t eaten or kill anything yet. I’m not a vegan since I hate fish or meat, but I promised myself to not eat human meat.

“Was this a challenge?” I said in my mind.

I looked at him when he waits for me, but I wondered if I refused. Did it kill? It’s just a struggle when words tried to slam me down if I’m scared or not. The words aren’t stronger from the voices inside my head, and I could hear them like they were at the back of my head. I grabbed the cup and gulped it down hard, but felt the least pain when my mouth slid open. It’s hard to swallow down as I almost choke myself. It tasted very disgusting, but very tasty for an odd reason. I was about to throw up, but hold it in for an odd reason.

“I was expecting the toast, but I usually give a human fresh tea from the water. I didn’t want to waste food supplies, but I’m going to make dinner to celebrate about it… Kukukukuku…”

I was able to handle the drinking a cup of bloody tea, but passed out in seconds.

“Or maybe I should order something before you overcome this obstacle,” Dr. Faustus said as I heard his evil laugh.

“What am I getting into?” I said in my mind with the voices laughing at me.


The Trender Struggle Part 3
It took me about a whole year trying to make a Part 3, but I was able to relax at least without a wacom. It's difficult, but it's a success. The only thing that I wished I didn't drop. It was the German and Russian language for Faustus, but this is also the first time that I did the two prospective between Trender and Dr. Faustus alone. Even though, I was expecting to do five-six parts, but if someone noticed anything wrong... Please informed me right ahead, but it's not just the saying, "If English is my second language..." It's getting pretty old and I understood that I have a problem with it... I'm not the best writer in the world, but at least I enjoyed it.

I don't own Trender, but I owned Dr. Faustus...
Inferus belongs<gs id="ae7115e8-c92d-4ec6-a55d-695e0c38290a" ginger_software_uiphraseguid="04be0eb6-d904-461b-8a27-99d2f0b1466f" class="GINGER_SOFTWARE_mark">:</gs>iconhalf-rose:
PS: Who knows that I will do the rest for my OCs related to the Slenderverse? 
Previous:  The Trender Struggle Part 2I never understood on what Dr. Faustus says to me from our last encounter, but it seemed that I am positive that he was going to return. It could be that I am Agliophobia, but I wasn’t quite sure when Dr. Faustus told me that he was like that. He had to accept the fate of what he was in reality, but I felt the struggle within my mind. I was sane except I was going insane when I tried to drink my tea.
I sat down inside of my own workshop while it was raining. I took a shower and it was lucky the workshop had a washing and drying machine except it was old. Dr. Faustus seemed to know about mechanics when it washed my clothes and dry them at the same time. It was behind the surgery room from the other room with the furnace, but I promised myself that I won’t go down. It included the room with meat hangers, but I wanted to wipe it out except I struggle with the pain.
“He mentioned that the pain begins to become worse,” I said in my mind.
I hated going to be pain from

First: The Trender Struggle Part 1Things changed in reality when your father doesn’t see you from his expectation, and he wanted you dead because you are weak. That I was forced to learn the hard way when I was spare in the hands of my brother. I looked down at myself when I didn’t live up to my fathers’ expectation because I was lacking of skills. He was wrong about me when my brother believed that I do, but I was glad to have a brother who was cheering like Splendor. I was upset when I was sent to an unknown world to call my own, but I wanted to know what mother thinks of me now. I am not one of the Royal Family again, except I have been just Trenderman.

I could blend like the mannequins within the shopping area, but I lived up to my name. I enjoyed the trends and clothes that fit the style, but it was uncomfortable. Slender have the forest as his territory, but Smexy have the city and Splendor always around too, as well since he and Slenderman shared the forest. I have the mall to myself, b
Sweet Six by GinKyofu13
Sweet Six
Two of my favorite sketches from college, but it's a possibly that I will try to type it out to see what others think. I haven't got a chance to posted the others since I wanted to do a revised on my old story. I used the infamous killers as the characters since I was in high school, but I decided to turn it into a new leaf to try something out of the ordinary. It's a debate, but this still worth it. Since I remembered that I used one of the characters as my business card, but maybe I will get a chance one of those days.

I have a future plans to have a background stories behind these two. One is a conjoined twins and the other one is a... I couldn't describe on what's her backstory is since I haven't got into it yet, but I did a rough sketch involving her as a sprite. What's your opinion about these characters?


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Ayanna Hazzard
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United States
I played Pokemon X and Y, but mostly Bravely Default.
FC: 1779-1180-5866


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